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He is one of the Brains behind BTCGlobal. Please read carefully.

I want to thank Dr. Nnamdi, a dear friend personally for his work and effort he is putting in, making it the best Donation Website there is.

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fellow members of btcglobal, a platform designed to help us achieve our dreams especially financially with the hottest trend in the world right now, cryptocurrency and the very first of its kind “BITCOIN”. We have been online now approximately 5 days and our ranks are swelling, as at typing this we have 265 registered but 236 upgraded.

The aim of this write up is to give a summary of what is on board as we have noted some of us do not go through the site enough.

BTCGLOBAL is a 2x5 matrix designed to enable you earn 164.81btc every 45 days (mark the 45 days, will explain that later). Your total income is going to be 170.56btc while you spend 5.75btc every 45 days. Question then is, why 45 days? Why any spending in the first place? Where are we spending the 5.75btc?

Answers; btcglobal not only gives you the chance to earn bitcoins, it gives you the chance to earn it repeatedly (every 45 days). This is to answer some people who will ask you, “how much do I earn monthly”, or “can I take my bitcoins when I like”, or even questions “like must I upgrade”? Etc. now it will be advised that you do not tamper with your bitcoins till you get to the Promised Land. This is because every 45 days you are expected to pay a subscription to renew the level you are in. let’s take for example, you have gotten to level 3 and 45 days elapses.. you are to renew levels 1,2and 3 by paying the amounts designated for those levels, mind you, your downlines will do the same so you will not lack bitcoins to subscribe. The only storm awaiting us here is when we as members fail to upgrade or renew subscriptions on time. (We are already witnessing it as a few will register and for only them knows why reasons they won’t upgrade). Let us kill this mentality from the very start and also LET US NOT RUSH TO TAKE OUR MONEY, THIS IS NOT MMM. WE WILL DEFINTELY MAKE OUR MONEY.


Btcglobal affords us the opportunity to register and upgrade within 24 hours but we as humans have already messed the system up. So the number of hours has been reduced to 4 hours. This is to avoid clogging and blocking uplines from potential downlines and earnings. To make this easier we came up with the following;

  1. Do not attempt registration if you do not have a bitcoin wallet that is also funded with bitcoins. All u need is 0.02015 or even 0.021 (to cater for transaction charges). First of all, create a bitcoin wallet…. Go to and do so. Then contact a nearby bitcoin merchant and fund your wallet.
  2. All these before you register. Failure of which you will be deleted after 4 hours. But it’s the pain you causing to someone who you have blocked that should make us desist. So immediately after registration ensure you upgrade.
  3. Next is joining any available whatsapp chat room or telegram chat room. Your upline should provide you with a link.


One of the reasons btcglobal is unique is the absence of referral links given to members. The single matrix and single referral link system gives an equitable distribution of downlines to members on a first come first registered and upgraded basis. The only downside to this is folks not upgrading on time. If not this is a beautiful design. But the question is, how then do we get people?

Answer; we are responsible for marketing our brand. All we need do is go to our facebook pages and walls, our whatsapp chat rooms and our social walls etc and advertise that is all. A template has thus been prepared; you can modify it on your own but do not remove the key features.



-PRICE: 0.02015 BTC







-TARGETED PROFIT 160BTC in less than 2 months.

Join what's app group

Here is what you need for a start

(1) You need to have a working and bitcoin funded wallet upon  registration. If u don't have one already, quickly download Bitcoin wallet app, create one and fund it as u need to upgrade FAST. We can guide u on that.

(2) Immediately after registration u should ensure upgrade within a few hours.

(3) Align yourselves with the WhatsApp chat group.

4) Familiarize yourself with your page and within the btcglobal site.

5) Ours is to spread the word and also upgrade when we are supposed to.

There is no referral link so you are not forced to register people but when u broadcast it, our family grows and we all benefit.  Just sell this site to your friends.

The Page and your Dashboard;

Upon registration and upgrading, your board is yours to access whenever and wherever you like. Since there are no referrals, that’s your main job anyway. Oh, am adding, be patient too as you await your downlines.

Whenever you are in your page always be mindful of your REFERRAL SUMMARY. It’s a table like representation of how well you are doing in the business and contains the following;

Levels, Donations, Max.(Referrals), Referrals, Received, Potential.

Level shows the level you are in, from levels 1 to 5

Donations shows amount each downline pays you for every level

Max (Referrals) shows maximum number of referral/level and amount earned/level

Referrals show the number of downlines you have at that level. Incomplete or complete

Received tells you that your downlines have paid you

Potential tells you what you stand to earn NOT what you have been paid. As downlines enter under you, your potential starts to read.

NB; your received and your potential MUST MATCH before you upgrade to the next level. For example; on level 1, max (referrals) will be 2 (0.04) meaning you need 2 people at that level and total you will earn is 0.04btc. Referrals must be 2 for your potential to read 0.04. Then once your received is 0.04 (meaning your downlines have paid you) you will then upgrade.




Max. Referrals      






2 (Ƀ0.04)      




Note that the potential and received both match at 0.04btc. Maximum referrals 2 (0.04). Means this person can now upgrade to level 2 with 0.03btc.

Another feature to watch out on your page is the SUBSCRIPTIONS.

Once you register and upgrade to Level 1, a timer appears and starts to countdown from 45 days backwards. It means that once that timer hits 0, you will be expected to renew that level. This will happen for every level you pass. It’s the reason why each and every one of us will spend 5.75btc every 45 days but earn 164.81btc every 45days.

The subscription shows the following;




Last Paid       

Due Next      

Time Remaining      


Level 1      



13-Feb-2017 18:30:26      

39d, 7h, 24m, 25s      



Folks, we will stop here in the time being. Seminars will soon be conducted all over the nation as we grow steadily.

All we are asking is people be patient. We are going to achieve a lot if we stick together, do exactly what we are told to do, monitor our downlines and be responsible for them too by calling them, texting them and aiding them wherever and whenever we can.

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoins are here to stay so is BTCGLOBAL.


Dr. Nnamdi Dominic ( Diamond Doc )

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